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They cover the relationship between population growth and grain production, fresh water supplies, biodiversity, energy, fisheries, employment, infectious diseases, cropland, forests, housing, climactic change, urbanization, education, waste handling, and meat production.
A terrific climactic scene there ends up with dinosaur skeletons coming to life and attacking them.
Although I won't reveal Mark's climactic confession in the eleventh-hour number "The Epiphany," I will say that the song--with Maynard's delirious spin on Jennifer Holliday's act-1 finale in Dreamgirls--had me laughing well after I'd left the theater.
The climactic "penis hanging" scene in Annika Larsson's video New Gravity, 2003, retraces the dark fringes of her earlier themes: pleasure from pain, erotic ritual, and a taste for sadism's aftermath.
Finally, as every Tolkien aficionado knows, it is Gollum who unintentionally helps Frodo at the climactic moment of the story.
They tell their stories at a climactic community healing circle where Mr.
Twelve corps women dancing in unison multiplied the simple steps of one passage into a climactic event.
Persuasively disputing the readings of such critics as Roma Gill and Gordon Braden, who have argued that Marlowe takes his two lovers from frustration to fulfillment, Tromly finds that sexual climax is followed by climactic frustration and that the poem depicts frustration rather than fulfillment.
Professor Ove HoeghGuldberg predicts that if climactic trends continue, the dramatic bleaching observed in coral populations around the world will accelerate rapidly.
The program swept through its next two games and seemed ready for its climactic match with favored Hitech, developed by Hans Berliner and his colleagues at Carnegie-Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh.