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To establish the possibilities of agricultural modernisation, I have compared farming in the 50 provinces of European Russia in 1913 and to that in climactically similar parts of the USA and Canada in 1920/1921 (namely the states of North and South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming, and the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta).
One especially intriguing video clip, displayed climactically near the end of the presentation, even depicted a distant but realistic photo aerial view of Silverstein's completed WTC site, a feat accomplished with high tech digital wizardry.
And any love story featuring Gere seems to require a scene late in the film where Gere's character reappears climactically to sweep a leading lady off her feet.
Climactically, Isaac extricated herself from the cage in an exquisite dance of liberation that, taken with Wood's performance, was one of Mekka's highlights.
His 45-minute film is a contin uous zoom - into and through a room, past the suggestion of a murder plot, climactically to focus upon a photograph of a seascape.
Climactically, the conversation touches on the bloodless Portuguese bullfight: "e piu elegante, dissi io, per ammazzare qualcuno non sempre e necessario ucciderlo, a volte basta un gesto.
When Padme climactically tells Anakin that "I truly, deeply love you" with a flat delivery and a sense of quiet dread at her own words, Lucas is ridiculing the hollowness of such moments in cultural depictions of heterosexual romance, as well as the actual human beings who robotically mimic those lifeless portrayals.
Here the threefold simile evokes forcefully the image of power in battle, sharpened by the abrupt structures of the five-syllable dvipada viraj lines and climactically rounded off by the stanza's final pada: tvesah samatsu "impetuous in the battles.
Then, abruptly, almost anti- climactically, the woman herself walked in.
The economically depressed and climactically vulnerable island, which spends nearly as much money on petroleum-based products as it receives from all of its exports, hopes to become 100 percent renewable-energy-based by 2020.
In This Is My Body, Latimer brings both female sexuality and its frequent result, unplanned pregnancy, "to the light of day," for the portrait of the artist as a young woman is here climactically punctuated by abortion.
Lucien Vidal-Naquet, a leading French Jewish attorney specializing in copyright law, had appropriately devoted his universalist ego to France, as Badinter climactically points out, citing Vidal-Naquet's diary.