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The painter must introduce no ornament inconsistent with the climate or country of his landscape; he must not plant cypress trees upon Inch-Merrin, or Scottish firs among the ruins of Persepolis; and the author lies under a corresponding restraint.
Many of the American sleighs are elegant though the use of this mode of conveyance is much lessened with the melioration of the climate consequent to the clearing of the forests.
A genial climate seemed to prevail here, for though the snow lay upon all the mountains within sight, there was none to be seen in the valley.
At that moment Anna Pavlovna came up and, looking severely at Pierre, asked the Italian how he stood Russian climate.
From the interior came Indians with subtle poisons, naked bodies, and painted idols; from the sea came vengeful Spaniards and rapacious Portuguese; exposed to all these enemies (though the climate proved wonderfully kind and the earth abundant) the English dwindled away and all but disappeared.
This cursed climate has sapped it all out of them, I reckon.
I am afraid, though, the Solomons is not a white man's climate.
But I am quite confident he could never have survived that terrible climate.
Later, he had decided it was chronic rheumatism brought on by the damp and foggy Sun Francisco climate.
I have been told, and can well believe, that the climate there is different from the climate on the coast--in which the unfortunate slave had been accustomed to live.
So I abandoned the Snark voyage and sought a cooler climate.
In Julian's present state of health the climate of West Africa would in all probability kill him in three months' time.