climatic condition

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Much depended upon food supply, climatic conditions, and the prevalence of animals of the more dangerous species; though Kerchak often led them on long marches for no other reason than that he had tired of remaining in the same place.
The tests according to ICH are a significant component in the process of certification or registration of a product; in this particular case, the stability of a product with respect to a defined climatic condition over a specific time period (shelf life) has to be substantiated.
Provisions in both state and federal law require that factory farms, called Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, must either file for an NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permit, which is required from all point sources discharging pollutants into waters of the United States, or prove that the operation has "no potential to discharge" manure, litter and process wastewater under any circumstances or climatic condition.
The comet hits would produce debris and smoke from widespread fires, darkening the atmosphere and creating the climatic condition that has become known as nuclear winter.
The introduced cane toad, currently impacting Australia's northern ecosystems, may migrate further south than previously thought because of its ability to rapidly adapt to climatic conditions.
External factors such as climatic conditions, lifestyle and perhaps most importantly inappropriate cosmetics aggravate skin sensitivity.
Under the climatic conditions of the experiment, the sludge nitrogen would be equivalent to about 70 kg nitrogen from mineral fertilizer, with much of the rest of the nitrogen (and carbon) going into soil organic matter stocks.
It is not given to architects to predict correctly those changes in social, political, economic and even climatic conditions which determine how long certain buildings are going to be useful.
Now the project is investigating how the method can be used in a variety of climatic conditions.
It was important for the network to deal right away with the distances between communities, climatic conditions and gaps," Jean-Louis says.
Climatic conditions aren't the only reasons for indoor flying.
When favorable climatic conditions occurred, settlers moved to intermediate altitudes, where they were positioned to launch seasonal hunting forays at high altitudes when lakes and vegetation appeared there.