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Estuaries; types, movement patterns and climatical impacts.
Biogeography and molecular phylogeny of the flightless grasshoppers of the genus Parepistaurus Karsch, 1896 (Orthoptera: Acrididae, Coptacridinae) and its implications for the climatical history of East Africa.
values of the climatical variable and of the thermal comfort index by morning and afternoon and precipitation monthly, data are presented for the whole experimental period, and average values of these elements and indexes observed in the register days and schedules of the physiological parameters by morning--6:30h--and afternoon--14:30h.
Within twenty years, on the publication of The Origin of Species (1859) and throughout its subsequent editions, Darwin would concede that "the geographical and climatical changes which have certainly occurred within recent geological times, must have rendered discontinuous the formerly continuous range of many species" (Origin 321).
Useful techniques for studies on climatical change", en: Entomologia y Vectores, Vol.
Burman R, Pochop LO (1994) 'Evaporation, evapotranspiration and climatical data developments in atmospheric science.