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The songs on Want One surge forward at a gallop, swerving this way and that but always building to glorious climaxes; in one tune he urges, "Stop me making movies of myself." But these certainly aren't home movies he's talking about.
Harper's 1892 novel Iola Leroy, or Shadows Uplifted is its dual climaxes. The first climax is the rural church meeting in Chapter XX that brings together Iola, Robert, and their mother/grandmother Harriet in a culmination of the family reunification plot that drives the novel.
Like Witold Gombrowicz's play Operetta, Singing on the Treadmill could be said to mix "the monumental idiocy" of its chosen genre with "the monumental pathos of history."|12~ The film climaxes in a burst of musical madness: a chorus, dressed in a wardrobe-room's worth of costumes, dances the rumba while singing an ode to a Mexican volcano.