climb down

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While the police tried to convince them to climb down, a large number of onlookers gathered to witness this unique protest.
Officers from the emergency rescue unit EMAK rushed to the scene but were unable to convince the detainees to climb down.
He went on a Spider-Manstyle climb down scaffolding after cops turned up at the door of his mum's top-floor flat to check he was sticking to a bail curfew.
Therefore, Obama made a tactical retreat from his earlier promises, leaving Abbas stuck on that tree unable to climb down, which would show weakness in the eyes of his compatriots.
But after two hours she was persuaded to climb down and taken to hospital.
UNDER-fire Wendy Alexander took yet another battering yesterday after an astonishing climb down over the independence referendum.
WOULD you climb down 150ft with only a rope and a hard hat - for charity?
July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- A Wayne County trooper who climbed a power line tower to convince a suicidal man to climb down to safety has been awarded the Pennsylvania State Police's highest accolade.
Before the street was reworked, some sewer manholes would have been up to 54 feet deep, too deep for workers to climb down safely, the report said.
After he failed to find his footing to climb down from his perch, Huddersfield firefighters were called at 7.
The firefighters were also winched off because they had become too cold to climb down safely.
Yet many operators now working in a much lower cab will commonly climb down a few rungs of the ladder and then jump to the ground rather than continue their climb.