climb down

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However, the local administration contacted renowned artist Shafaat Ali, who while mimicking the prime minister, successfully pursued the man to climb down.
After they reached the outdoor platform, which is situated on the 91st floor 400 meters above ground level, they watched until the security guard had his back turned before producing a rope and gloves and attempting the climb down to a protruding corner on the 90th floor, the Apple Daily reported.
The continuing blockade of Qatar makes no sense and it is high time that Saudi Arabia and the UAE began a climb down, the London-based Financial Times newspaper has opined.
Cops said a police team that quickly arrived at the scene after being informed about the incident talked to the Emirati man and persuaded him to climb down the bridge.
The two men tried to climb down using the water pipes ...
While the police tried to convince them to climb down, a large number of onlookers gathered to witness this unique protest.
As of late last night, the detainees, some of whom have been in Menoyia over 18 months, refused to climb down and refused to be given food or water.
Officers talked with Delgado and persuaded him to climb down.
"We set up a rope system to climb down the quarry face to the animal.
"No!" - I subdued my voice - "Don't climb down! If you're on the ground, they'll think you're a rabbit and set the dogs on you.
More than 740 passengers had to climb down to the tracks and back up on to a replacement train that arrived an hour later.
By setting high objectives for the Palestinians in their peace negotiations with the Israelis, Obama has put Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the top of a "high tree." Now Abbas cannot climb down from that high tree without help, specifically from the US administration, the columnist added.