climb down

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The women, however, refused to climb down unless they were given a written assurance, accepting their demands and a setting deadline for the same.
Officers from the emergency rescue unit EMAK rushed to the scene but were unable to convince the detainees to climb down.
He went on a Spider-Manstyle climb down scaffolding after cops turned up at the door of his mum's top-floor flat to check he was sticking to a bail curfew.
Therefore, Obama made a tactical retreat from his earlier promises, leaving Abbas stuck on that tree unable to climb down, which would show weakness in the eyes of his compatriots.
But her climb down did nothing to deter critics who repeated calls for her to go.
Sunrise fund-raiser Penny Growcoot said: "This is a really exciting opportunity to climb down an amazing building.
After he failed to find his footing to climb down from his perch, Huddersfield firefighters were called at 7.
The firefighters were also winched off because they had become too cold to climb down safely.
Yet many operators now working in a much lower cab will commonly climb down a few rungs of the ladder and then jump to the ground rather than continue their climb.
They were even willing to overlook the blatant public alcohol consumption if it meant they didn't have to climb down the long-ass trail.
It's time to climb down from your stand, but deer are nearby.