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Often I work backwards from what's available, that is, the only climbable tree here and the deer there.
The amazing shapes, colors and textures of the ice provide something that's not otherwise climbable.
All climbers--from novice to competitive--can sharpen their skills on LRCC's 4,000 SF of climbable terrain using the belay or lead climbing and bouldering method, Melissa Wilcoxson said.
The amazing shapes, colors and textures of the ice provides something that's not otherwise climbable.
Gasherbrum 2 is also considered to among the most climbable of that hallowed group of mountains which mark the highest points on earth: the 8,000 metre peaks.
A five-picture sequence in the Nissan Terrano II brochure captures its 4x4 capabilities: maximum lateral inclination (48 degrees), steepest climbable gradient (39 degrees), wading depth and so on.
Kids find boundless fun exploring its sliding poles, climbers, perches, hammock nets, rock face and sliding rails, all of which are framed by three climbable gantry posts.
And the younger set finds a home in the Moody Family Children's Museum with its child-size, climbable Dallas skyline, baby and toddler park, and dino dig.
Traditionally Everest had always been climbed from the north, through Tibet, as it was thought there was no climbable route up the mountain from Nepal.
More pointedly, should I actually choose to stick an arrow through his ribs the nearest climbable tree might as well be situated on the moon.
And Tree - the climbable embodiment of all things green.