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He must have decided to begin climbing down and just lost his footing,' said Mr Grieve.
One year an old doe that was standing nearby caught him climbing down at dusk.
After climbing down Luna, she reflected on her experience.
From an Associated Press story datelined Little Rock, Arkansas: "Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, targeted in recent protests by poor people and the wheelchair-bound, scrapped plans Wednesday for an escape route that would have had him climbing down a wooden ladder in an old state capitol dumbwaiter shaft.
Climbing down he develops such an absorbing interest in the ferns that when he returns to the beach, everyone has forgotten him.
Having strayed from life's path and lost his way, Dante seeks to return home by climbing down into the underworld and then out the other side.
Using this technology beats climbing down into manholes for the necessary inspections we do.
He began climbing down a cliff face and we thought it best in the circumstances and his injuries to help him down onto the beach.
Ahmed Benyermak, 16, right, was climbing down the building when he fell, police said.
Jenny Higgins, 20, leapt from a balcony after climbing down four storeys to escape the blaze started by arsonists who torched a sofa in the hallway of a block of flats in Bootle.
After 90 minutes, the man, in his early twenties, came down by climbing down a drainpipe.
While they were climbing down Elizabeth fell about 100ft, fracturing her knee and cutting her face.