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As the fierce winter just past buried fairways and greens under snow, golfers resigned themselves to putting on the carpet, swinging in the garage and watching the pros play in sunny climes on TV.
Cradock's exotic concoctions of Crepe Suzette, Tournedos Rossini with mauve Duchesse Potatoes and the Taj Mahal made from Italian meringue speak to her of foreign climes and sophistication.
Capybaras, the world's largest rodents and a source of meat, also thrive in Venezuela's swampy climes.
When I left Edmonton in 1985 for what I expected to be the sunnier cultural climes of Vancouver, I had no idea what I was actually leaving behind.
The palm holds a particular fascination for the Brits, who have to go to warmer climes to see this "exotic" vegetation in its native environment.
She was a big disappointment on her only subsequent start in the Prix de l'Abbaye at Longchamp in October, but Bell is hopeful she can prove that run to be all wrong when she heads to sunnier climes.
99), perfect for transporting you to sunnier climes after another day of unseasonal weather.
IF THE recent sunshine has got you thinking of warmer climes, then head over to 60 Hope Street on May 5 for their Spanish wine tasting dinner.
EXPERTS believe a brood of rare ospreys may have departed for warmer climes.
Stefan Bodnar, a licensed bird ringer, then fixed rings on some of the birds before releasing them so ornithologists around the world can learn more about the birds' behaviour and movements as they migrate to warmer climes this autumn.
But there have been decreases in the numbers of northern species such as the Fieldfare and Redwing, which prefer chillier climes.