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BOUND FOR DUBAI Margot Did (right) will visit sunnier climes
Ornithologists will learn more about birds' behaviour by tracking them as they fly to warmer climes in autumn.
In the more tropical climes of Lagos, Allies and Morrison tread thoughtfully and lightly in their new information centre for the British Council (p56), a simple yet elegant building that intelligently mines and reinterprets the local vernacular while also making a civilising contribution to the public realm.
THEIR summer pop songs are bathed in Californian sunshine but Charley and Hattie Webb are from cooler climes - the coast of Kent.
While she hasn't spent her entire life here, Ness came to Glendale in 1941 from Minnesota after a doctor advised her husband to move to warmer climes to avoid falling victim to pneumonia.
Carter has the ability to win, but he hasn't done enough overseas to merit strong advice because, if anything, McManus is more solid in foreign climes than on home shores.
Because trees grow better in southern climes, it was suggested she take her work to Chile, which has industries that resemble Canada's.
I fear that Jowitt's new book--simply by awarding equal time to Broadway as to the sterner climes of classical ballet--could add fuel to these flames.
They should liberally salt their food, favor sports drinks to water during workouts and consume salt-rich foods regularly, especially in heavy training months in hot and humid climes.
pipiens mosquitoes in southern Europe where mild climes may permit the subterranean variety to venture above ground.
And researchers will probably know whether the disease, confirmed on one bigleaf maple tree in the Sierras, is viable there, where it threatens a very different ecosystem than the mild and misty climes along the Pacific coast.
But now holidaymakers are lured to warmer climes abroad for their holidays the 17 monks living on the island have had to adopt modern methods to keep their customers.