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Sun-flower wishes to go to the sweet golden clime that is abstract or imaginary clime.
WOLVERHAMPTON: 5.30 Blown It, 6.00 Poetic Princess, 6.30 Iguacu, 7.00 Apothecary, 7.30 Spartan King, 8.00 Dutch Diamond, 8.30 Methayel DOUBLE: Cooler Climes and Mugazala.
The second--hurricane disaster preparedness--is more associated with tropical climes. But as BOMA/NY members learned at its recent May kick-off luncheon for the Association's Hurricane Initiative, the best scientific models and statistics are giving high probability rankings to a strong Category 2, or a possible Category 3 hurricane making landfall in the greater New York area, bringing with it multi-millions of dollars in property damage and possible loss of life.
Live oaks do indeed grace southeastern Virginia, but not the hilly, cooler climes of the western portion of the Old Dominion.
So, when Hawken heard Uxbridge (40 kilometres northeast of Toronto) was trying to limit their net in-migration to zero it made him wonder how his neck of the woods can entice new Canadians to northern climes.
In addition, the authors argue that sweating, hairlessness and cranial cooling systems found in the human species, though certainly useful for walking, are essential for endurance running in hot climes.
But Canada's loss is Australia's gain, since Russell is now enjoying life in the warmer climes of New South Wales with her daughter, Deirdre Prussak.
Moreover, they'll be able to move to more hospitable climes during this extremely gradual change, should it indeed occur.
WHILE MANY Canadian families take advantage of March break to head to warm, sunnier climes, nearly as many hit the ski slopes.
As the fierce winter just past buried fairways and greens under snow, golfers resigned themselves to putting on the carpet, swinging in the garage and watching the pros play in sunny climes on TV.
The combat log of the Gladiator is in theaters that may have grabbed the headlines for only a short time, and then only occasionally, but Gloster's last biplane fighter racked up an impressive record in several arduous climes. The pilots fought in obsolescent aircraft against well-equipped adversaries who had reinforcements available, while the Gladiator squadrons did not and could only fight delaying actions.
Every summer 20 million Brits jet off to warmer climes. Being Prime Minister should not stop Mr Blair doing so, too.