cling tenaciously

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A bear," thought I, and thanked the instinct that had impelled me to cling tenaciously to my rifle during the moments of my awful tumble.
The first law of nature compels them to cling tenaciously to life--to fight for it; but it does not teach them to fear death.
The ability of FASB to cling tenaciously to its due process in the face of considerable opposition from Congress, in the cases of stock option expensing and mark-to-market accounting, is admirable.
With the sacrifices of ancestors who rose up against the French mandate alive in their memories, the Syrians cling tenaciously to the values of independence, refusing to cede ground to terror organizations that are part of a vicious scheme that seeks to tear Syria's national unity asunder and reverse an honorable history of struggle.
But historians cling tenaciously to national boundaries, even as they recognize the need to reach farther.
Despite these economic restraints, the National Economic and Development Authority has continued to cling tenaciously to delusional hopes that higher economic growth in the fourth quarter would compensate for the "disappointing thirdquarter performance.
While many Iraqis cling tenaciously to the idea of a unified country, the dysfunctional wrangling among Baghdad's politicians pales when compared with the deep sectarian distrust left in the population by a decade of violence and displacement.
To be frank, I don't think he's being necessarily cruel, but maybe he feels he needs to do this since you tend to cling tenaciously, no matter how badly he treats you.
Sandford and Phare are critical of Canadians, because although "we cling tenaciously to the image we have created of ourselves as a nation of infinitely available clean water, we are undone by the reality that is clearly presenting itself to us.
Those critics cling tenaciously to the unsubstantiated allegation that somehow exam standards are falling.
We are embroiled in a cultural war in which many conservative Christians cling tenaciously to traditional values and cherished beliefs.
Even in winter, frozen cranberries cling tenaciously to bushes on lakeshores and marshes.