cling to

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As the variety of ways consumers pay for transactions evolves, one group may cling to traditional methods Read that and more in our Focus Report.
The more you give away the more comes back to you, but what you cling to ends up rotting in your hands.
Like that neaniskos, and like all of us, he was stripped of his old clothes, buried with Christ by baptism into his death, and dressed in a new, white garment in which he, and we, might testify that we cling to the promise of a different life, a new life, a life that for now is hid with Christ in God.
ANKLE WARMERS are fantastic when they cling to your ankles.
As overvalued assets are exposed, deal-maker CEOs are unable to manage through a trough in profitability and liquidity, and too many CEOs cling to the empires they have built and refuse to make the hard decisions.
The winners will be you and those companies that don't cling to the past.
Parker's powers include great strength, an ESP-like "spider sense," the ability to cling to any surface, and to swing from building to building using spider-web strands.
Raymo explores the reasons why so many of us cling to antique cosmologies or fall prey to pseudoscientific scams, concluding that much of our desire for transcendence is rooted in the fear of death.