cling to

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If [[??].sub.1] slides along the clinging side to cling to a third unit equilateral triangle [[??].sub.3], where [[??].sub.1] still clings to [[??].sub.2], then the position of [[??].sub.1] is stable.
ZIMBABWEAN president Robert Mugabe has been accused of killing his own people in a desperate bid to cling to power.
Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro said in a letter read on television that he would not cling to office or obstruct the rise of a new generation of leaders, raising speculation about his political future, reports AFP (Dec.
This is the "wand suspension" in which the wand seems to cling to your hand as if by magic.
This layer of fluid led scientists to think that the frog's wet toe pads cling to a surface by the same force that makes a damp piece of paper stick to a window.
It's about the gospel, and about the living ones who have only that word of promise to cling to. And yet it is about you, because if you wouldn't have died we would not be gathered like this.