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When he rewrote Hamlet's encounter with Gertrude in The Revenger's Tragedy (1606), Thomas Middleton has Vindice berate his mother for the "infectious spot" in her "soul," asking her to "imagine / Now the disease has left you, how leprously / That office of bawd would have clinged unto your forehead
But still declines over the year earlier Cyprus just clinged onto growth in the second quarter, with seasonally adjusted GDP growth rising in real terms by 0.
Chamoun clinged some hopes on cabinet formation, because, according to him, there are still some politicians who are hindering the process for narrow personal reasons.
Many of the children who survived the last raids in Gaza clinged to their mother's body for days while the Israeli army would not allow relief workers to reach the wounded.
Although the guidebooks clearly point out that scooter accidents are the leading cause of death for tourists visiting Vietnam, by the next day I couldn't resist and jumped on the back of Jimmy's bike, locals-style, meaning way overloaded with Jimmy holding my massive camera bag on his front while I clinged to the straps from behind with my long tri-pod bag over my shoulder.