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Once they came near to the enclosed Garden of the Clinging Vines, and walking high into the air looked down upon it with much interest.
At the instant that he felt the spear come away from Ja's hand the creature must have opened his huge jaws to catch me, for when I came down, still clinging to the butt end of the weapon, the point yet rested in his mouth and the result was that the sharpened end transfixed his lower jaw.
Anne, clinging desperately to her precarious foothold, saw their flying forms and heard their shrieks.
There was no help for it; Anne, clinging to Gilbert Blythe's hand, scrambled down into the dory, where she sat, drabbled and furious, in the stern with her arms full of dripping shawl and wet crepe.
She was really quite unstrung, for the reaction from her fright and cramped clinging was making itself felt.
Patients' symptoms and their descriptions of the jellyfish suggest that they could have been stung by clinging jellyfish (Gonionemus vertens).
In a terrifying incident of road rage incident, commuters in Delhi, India, were shocked to see a man clinging to a car's bonnet as it continued to move.
Yet if clinging to gender identity does, indeed, create obstacles for us, why does the prison of gender roles remain so inescapable?
These so-called "clinging" jellyfish are small--no bigger than a quarter--and ringed by as many as 90 threadlike tentacles.
And not just randomly attached, all the beetles were clinging on while trying to have sex with the bottom of the bottles.
But in an attack on the 79-year-old former FA chairman David Bernstein blasted him for desperately clinging on to power.
We float an asphalt river dirt-choked and barren, adrift with lives forfeit, forgotten: yet it's the same, Jim, as when with sliding oars in humid moonlight, we slipped into that blood-warm current, mud clinging as hot gore between our toes while our fevered minds clung to dreams of languid freedoms beneath a placid sun-- catfish dreams untouched by the brilliance of light.