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Designed with proprietary Miracle Cling Technology that is reusable, the organizer securely clings to glossy surfaces and features pockets for storage, and slots in between to hold brushes, head down, to dry after washing.
BrickStix Cling Decals are reusable, removable and re-“stickable” clings made for plastic building bricks.
Hydrangea petiolaris clings to the wall by means of adventitious roots, much the same as ivy.
When a child clings to you he is not being naughty or "attention seeking" he is trying to be soothed from feeling unsafe and needs your support.
He is an Israelite who can't imagine going home and a Philippian who clings to his titles.
The key word is "I" that clings on to the three major fires which keep burning us all the time.
DARR DEVIL: Christian Williams clings to Darrias after hitting the last hurdle but pulls himself back into the saddle to go on and win
Yet managers, seeing a completely different game to the rest of us, cling to it like George Best clings to opening time.