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But he was clingy and she ended the relationship, with Brown harassing her as she wouldn't talk to him.
So for example, you can show people that you have a clingy side, but not too much that you come off as a creepy stalker.
And lonely women like nothing more than the thought of finding a lonely man, particularly if that lonely man happens to be in tune with his feminine, clingy side.
My best friend has not been as caring or loyal as she used to be, and I don't know if it's a phase or if I'm being too clingy and obsessing over this.
I think I'm heading towards being one of those clingy mums who can't let go.
Lloyd, from Aigburth, chose a clingy red creation as she attended the She Inspiring Woman Awards in London yesterday.
It is normal behaviour for some young children to become clingy and upset at the thought of being left behind in a strange and new place and helping them adapt to this can take time and energy.
The reason: The actress, whose only claim to fame is films like Awaara Paagal Deewana and Shootout At Lokhandwala , was far from impressive with her twopart performance in a garish clingy red outfit with loads of silver sequinned work.
The shirts, $28 each, are light and clingy, perfect for workouts or layering.
Of course, Tia is very clingy to dad, which is only natural.
A new class of compounds created by researchers in Canada and the United States switches between clingy and nonclingy forms upon exposure to common gases, including air.
I always presumed trousers this clingy were reserved for a cat-suit.