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And lonely women like nothing more than the thought of finding a lonely man, particularly if that lonely man happens to be in tune with his feminine, clingy side.
If he is clingy, offer him lots of reassurance and support and he will gradually feel more settled about the new place and people.
Sexily clad in a denim micro mini and a clingy top, Celina, is believed to have got richer by Rs 60 lakh for her jig.
Of course, Tia is very clingy to dad, which is only natural.
Don't you reckon that those barren couples whose whole happiness depends on child-bearing will actually make the worst parents - clingy, stifling and over-possessive?
A new class of compounds created by researchers in Canada and the United States switches between clingy and nonclingy forms upon exposure to common gases, including air.
I always presumed trousers this clingy were reserved for a cat-suit.
a) a clingy friend b) a postmenopausal woman c) a crusty scone.
The new Shanghai outlet adds to the more than 375 stores now operated by the chain famed for its busty waitresses clad in clingy low-cut tank tops and high-cut shorts--an image the company promotes as "delightfully tacky, yet unrefined.
Decked out n Diesel shoes and clingy hot pink shirts, Thailand's "ladyboys" grab their mallets, clamber on the backs of their animals, and ready themselves for a ferocious game of polo.
Chloe's aunt Janice Gaunt said: 'It has been very traumatic for her and she is very clingy.
He's there because his lonely, depressed, clingy mother has taken a job working there, hoping for a new start in a new town, not because he's one of the rich kids who effortlessly belong.