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2004, 'Improved dissection experience in the human gross anatomy laboratory by the intergration of computers and modern technology', Clinical Anatomy 17, 337-344.
Clinical anatomy remains a cornerstone of the physiotherapy curriculum, yet is perhaps undervalued in the physiotherapeutic literature.
With over 600 illustrations, Netter's Clinical Anatomy by John T.
Keywords: thoracic zygapophysial joints, palpation, clinical anatomy.
In addition to its Doctor of Chiropractic degree, NYCC offers master level programs in acupuncture, acupuncture and Oriental medicine, clinical anatomy, applied clinical nutrition, diagnostic imaging, and human anatomy and physiology instruction.
of Minnesota) explain clinical anatomy to lawyers, to help them deal with legal matters involving medical issues.
The topics include assessment and guidelines for primary care referral, cytopathology, the role of nuclear medicine, clinical anatomy and developmental aberrations, an overview of the management of thyroid cancer, and the pathological spectrum and management of parathyroid disease.
ANKARA, Aug 30, 2009 (TUR) -- 10th Congress of the European Association of Clinical Anatomy Meeting will take place in Istanbul, Turkey on September 2-5, 2009.
And before there was clinical anatomy, there were the humanistic explorations of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo through dissections.
While the premise in clinical texts is that this muscle is easily accessible, the clinical anatomy of popliteus highlights that palpation is not as straightforward as often depicted.
16 Clinical Anatomy, Developmental Aberrations and Endocrinology (Malcolm H.
In outline format, it provides an overview of plastic surgery practice in the UK, with explanations of clinical anatomy, points of technique, and the fundamental principles of each topic: wound care, burns, head and neck, cleft lip and palate/craniofacial anomalies, breast, hand and upper limb, lower limb, skin and soft tissue tumors, genitourinary and trunk, aesthetic, and general plastic surgery.

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