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the monarch.

CROWN. A covering for the head, commonly used by kings; figuratively, it signifies royal authority. By pleas of the crown, are understood criminal actions.

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While the anatomical crown is the portion of the natural tooth that extends from the cemento-enamel junction (CEJ) to the occlusal/incisal edge, the clinical crown is the portion of the crown that extends from the free gingival margin to the occlusal/incisal edge.
Increase of clinical crown and surgery for prosthetic purposes.
Several techniques have been proposed for clinical crown lengthening such as gingivectomy, apically-positioned flap with or without resective osseous surgery and orthodontic forced eruption with or without fibrotomy.
It is not uncommon for a patient to report having lost a permanent crown, having lost a provisional crown, or having a fractured or decayed clinical crown.
The limitations of the straight-wire appliance become apparent, however, when one considers the variations inherent in natural crown forms, as well as the variations of root position in relation to the clinical crown (Fig 2).
Surgical periodontal therapy consisted of clinical crown lengthening procedures for mandibular right and first and second molars.
Ration of the clinical crown length to the root length

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