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Routinely used in the clinical diagnosis of various organ dysfunctions, clinical chemistry reagents represent a $2-billion market, the single largest segment of the $10-$12 billion worldwide in vitro diagnostic market targeted by Biopool International.
We were fortunate to have access to an overseas diagnostic facility, which allowed confirmation of the clinical diagnosis before the patient received a prolonged course of a drug with adverse effects and drug interactions.
Serologic and virologic evidence confirmed the clinical diagnosis.
18] Although a plain x-ray can suggest the clinical diagnosis, high-resolution CT is usually necessary for the differential diagnosis, and histology is often required for confirmation.
These findings suggest that the determination of levels of soluble APP provides useful biochemical information to assist in the clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.
MultiCell's new patent provides a method for treatment of a tumor after clinical diagnosis.
How to improve the clinical diagnosis of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.
However, in Afghanistan, skin lesions attributed to causes other than cutaneous leishmaniasis are rare, and experience has shown that clinical diagnosis has a sensitivity and specificity of >80% and >90%, respectively (Reithinger et al.
population along parameters of gender, race/ethnicity, geographic region, socioeconomic status and clinical diagnosis or special-education placement.
The recent history of exposure to manure was the key for the clinical diagnosis.
All 14 patients in the second group who developed VOD showed decreased ATIII activity not more than 1 day prior to the clinical diagnosis of VOD.

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