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A take-home message is that the full impact on disease burden of primary prevention that targets the early stages of the pathogenesis of AD on clinical disease burden may not be realized for decades.
Documenting PEDV variation is vital to understanding the natural evolution of the virus and possibly identifying portions of the genome associated with different clinical disease features.
Unlike the tcdB gene, studies demonstrating that detection of tcdA correlates with clinical disease are lacking; and because the gene may also be found alone in non-disease-causing strains,(15) detection of tcdA could potentially lead to misdiagnosis of CDI.
centrale) as a vaccine, and that vaccine protects against clinical disease, but not infection.
Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health indicated that Nobivac Lepto4 was also shown to prevent clinical disease including thrombocytopenia, preserve kidney and liver function and reduce leptospiremia.
The authors identify multiple points between initial exposure and clinical disease at which toxicant-pathogen interactions can occur.
We've reviewed all the literature that looks at surface antigens and results suggest that response to the two (antigens) were most indicative of protection against clinical disease.
TEFI enhances our monitoring of clinical disease in a rapid and non-invasive fashion," Mr Copland said.
Indeed, the extent and rate of mucosal CD4 depletion during acute SIV infection in mangabeys was strikingly similar to that seen in macaques prone to severe clinical disease.
The change from asymptomatic infection to clinical disease is usually associated with factors such as pregnancy, diabetes, antibiotic use, high oestrogen oral contraceptives and tight synthetic underwear.
that binding of sFlt-1 may prevent or cure preeclampsia and that PlGF may be useful for predicting preterm preeclampsia and sFlt-1 [may be useful] for predicting proximity for clinical disease," Dr.

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