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Johan Askling, professor of rheumatology and clinical epidemiology at Karolinska and senior author of the study.
Shelley Selph, lead author of this report as well as professor of medical informatics and clinical epidemiology at Oregon Health & Sciences University, Portland, and her associates.
He was editor-in-chief of Preventive Medicine from 2005 to 2012--and now serves as its editor emeritus --and has served on editorial boards for journals such as the International Journal of Public Health, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology and American Journal of Epidemiology.
Now in a fully updated and expanded second edition featuring new data and examples throughout, "Clinical Epidemiology: Principles, Methods, and Applications for Clinical Research" is a comprehensive resource that introduces the reader to the basics of clinical epidemiology and explores the principles and methods that can be used to obtain quantitative evidence on the effects of interventions and on the diagnosis, etiology, and prognosis of disease.
According to lead investigator Andre Lamy, MD, MHSc, Population Health Research Institute, and Professor in the Department of Surgery and Department of Clinical Epidemiology, McMaster University, "Hospitals that currently tend to delay stable patients in favor of weekday catheterization instead of mobilizing the on-call team for an earlier invasive management of NSTE-ACS patients should consider the latter as the savings from adhering to the timing of an early intervention approach would outweigh additional costs.
Public sector providers in rural areas had better BMWM system than their counterparts in urban areas," said the study done by INCLEN (International Clinical Epidemiology Network) and Program Evaluation Network (IPEN), a health research organisation.
Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Liverpool, Simon Capewell, said: "Sugar is the new tobacco.
The clinical information needs of the medical practitioners are clinical epidemiology, etiology, differential diagnosis, disease descriptions, disease complications, disease prognosis, diagnostic procedures, treatment including drug therapy, drugs adverse effects, treatment efficacy, follow-up and emergency protocol.
The study was published in journal Clinical Epidemiology.
Simon Capewell, professor of clinical epidemiology at the University of Liverpool and one of the authors of the research, says, "Using the legislation and taxation which has already been successful in Europe, new UK government policies could prevent between 10 000 and 30 000 deaths every year.
The development of modern epidemiology including the concept of clinical epidemiology and the important contribution of International Clinical Epidemiology Network (INCLEN) in the infrastructure and trained manpower development all over the world makes the reader assured about bright future of the speciality.
Hans-Ulrich Wittchen, principal investigator of the study and professor and chairman of the Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy and the Center of Clinical Epidemiology and Longitudinal Studies at the Dresden (Germany) University of Technology.

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