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Many circumstances justify developing clinical policies from analysis of observational data--evidence-based medicine--in carefully developed and validated clinical data warehouses.
Ultimately, clinical policies have been used as tools in quality assurance programs, in creating health care policy, in directing research agendas, and in medicolegal determinations.
As the VA Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Health, Jesse leads clinical policies and programs for the Nation's largest integrated health care system.
Velos and Comaiba will work together to help customers increase efficiency and decrease risk as they interpret, document, and execute to regulatory and clinical policies through their Velos-Comaiba Monitoring and Action solutions.
Smith will be responsible for the unit's clinical policies, clinical strategic direction and leadership for the unit's physicians.
He has served on the Commission on Clinical Policies and Research of the American Academy of Family Physicians.
Clinical policies, network accessibility and member satisfaction.
Payors with existing medical policies can more effectively enforce those policies across a broad set of tests and refine clinical policies as necessary to address new technologies as they emerge.
URAC's Drug Therapy Management Accreditation standards address a broad range of functions including the development of clinical policies using evidence-based medicine; patient communication regarding medication use; and promoting consumer rights, shared decision making and education.
Our health plan programs, clinical policies, network accessibility, and member satisfaction.
Snyder will be the chief clinical spokesperson for Independence Blue Cross, and will have overall corporate responsibility for medical management, quality management, and all clinical policies and programs.
In his capacity as chief clinical officer, Bob will supervise the implementation of clinical policies throughout the Company including data management strategies as related to patient care, as well as formulary development and pharmaceutical rebate strategies.

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