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Departmental and Unit education sessions should be provided to staff regularly to encourage the promotion of evidence-based clinical policies.
Members of the AAFP Commission on Clinical Policies and Research Subcommittee included Ted Ganiats, Chair, Roman Hendrickson; William Phillips; and Barbara Yawn.
The current precedure for producing clinical policies is to incorporate existing research data and expert opinion into a clinical policy and disseminate it broadly in the primary care community.
Responsibilities will include peer to peer advocacy, education, speaking engagements, subject matter expertise and guidance on practice and hospital adoption of clinical policies for use of the Company's products.
Douglas Campos-Outcalt, a member of the academy s Commission on Clinical Policies and Research, told this newspaper.
Many researchers and policy analysts, like Wennberg and Eddy, (4,5) recommend analyzing physician practice patterns and small area variations in practice to promote cost-effective, high quality clinical policies.
Local staff, patients and payers will benefit from high standards of clinical policies and procedures, thorough internal and external audits, awarded training programmes and a patient-first approach.
27) There are identifiable costs and benefits to using observational data analysis in large clinical databases to determine clinical policies, instead of relying solely on the results of randomized clinical trials.
a member of the academy's Commission on Clinical Policies and Research who attended the consensus conference as an AAFP representative.
The medical director oversees the development and implementation of clinical policies, particularly around quality and utilization.
The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) is actively engaged in the guideline process through its Task Force for Clinical Policies on Patient Care.

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