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Results from this study showed that patients who received an additional fourth or fifth Pillar implant(s) achieved a clinically and statistically significant decrease in ESS and VAS:
If a group meets Federal Trade Commission compliance requirements to be considered a clinically integrated network, the government will provide a safe harbor from antitrust scrutiny.
The study compared 62 patients who had clinically apparent tophi at baseline and 23 patients who did not.
What is the effect of changing IV sites when clinically indicated for cost savings, patient comfort, infection rates, phlebitis, infiltration rates, and obstruction as compared to the current practice recommended by the CDC?
A 2008 study of 755 inpatients compared clinically indicated replacement of IV catheters with routine replacement and found no significant differences in phlebitis and infiltration rates between the 2 groups (38% vs 33%, respectively; relative risk [RR]=I.
Beta interferon also has been shown in placebo-controlled trials to delay the conversion of the clinically isolated syndrome to clinically definite disease, Dr.
When testing Enterococcus faecalis isolates harboring any of the clinically observed resistance, including resistance to beta-lactams, glycoproteins or aminoglycosides, ceftobiprole showed excellent in vitro bactericidal activity.
In a retrospective review of patients who did not take low-dose aspirin during 1999-2001, 5 clinically significant upper GI events occurred in 2,115 patient-years (0.
The results indicate that current ambient air pollution levels can have chronic and adverse effects on lung development in children, leading to clinically significant lung function deficits in adulthood.
94), but we do not believe that it is clinically significant.
2 million for prescriptions exceeding the clinically recommended dose for a senior age 65 and older, 2.

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