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Tie a square knot with those two ends and clip off the excess thread.
Clip off old leaves as they turn yellow to reduce demands on the plant for nutrients and moisture.
Simply swab the biopsy channel of the scope with the included cotton-tipped long probe; clip off the cotton swab into green-capped vial; then mix in the activating agent, shake vigorously, wait 20 seconds and check for a color change to blue/green.
Taylor took just three overs to bring up his half-century with a clip off his legs off Sidebottom and McCullum looked equally comfortable at the crease.
It was clever bowling by the left-armer, who surprised Smith by getting one to hold its line and clip off stump.
The first break of the day saw three riders clip off the front by 20 seconds ( John Davidson (NFM/TRM) and Richard Sutcliffe (York Cycleworks) soon being joined by Steven Ward (VC Azzurri).
The only quest left is trying to clip off a little piece of the competition to find a niche where a man can unearth a bit of room for his burning entrepreneurial spirit.
Actions: Zoom off a curb to the right side, overcorrect to left, slide and spin on dew to right, clip off three 8-by-8-inch pressure-treated fence posts, and kill an 18-inch oak that, on the other hand, also managed to stop the car--instantly
Consumers are advised to clip off the felt ears and limbs of the pop-up characters.
Former Durham batsman Peng drove a boundary which took Glamorgan to three figures, and a Croft clip off his legs for four saw the target dip below 100.