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Face with striae that depart radially from the clipeus towards the antennal foveae and inferior part of the compound eyes, surface between them, smooth.
Cazzaniga, 'Le metafore enniane relative a cielo e stelle ed alcuni placita di tradizione Anassimeno-Empedoclea', PP 26 (1971), 102-19, at 104 on caeli clipeus (see also Rostagni (n.
351): in Capitotio fuit clipeus consecratus, cui inscriptum erat |genio urb Romae, sive mas, sivefemina' et pontifices ita precabantur: |Iuppiter optime maxime sive quo alio nomine te appellari volueris.
7) Forbiger, however, long ago suggested a way around the anachronism: Aeneas will have conquered and despoiled an Argive descendant of the great Abas who carried the latter's renowned clipeus in battle.