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Face with striae that depart radially from the clipeus towards the antennal foveae and inferior part of the compound eyes, surface between them, smooth.
(25) The second class also has ocreae, the first both ocreae and lorica, with clipeus instead of scutum.
also the iudicium armorum of Metamorphoses 13, in which Ajax argues that the cosmic grandeur of the shield (clipeus vasti caelatus imagine mundi, 13.110) does not suit the ignoble Ulysses, and Ulysses retorts that the meaning of the shield, that is, its allegorical significance, is lost on Ajax (13.288-95).
The oval internal shape of the earliest known funerary portrait, that of King Stefan Batory, and the frequent later enclosure of the deceased's silhouette against a dark oval background, are comparable with the ancient symbol of the wheel, or clipeus. The clipeus appears on both classical and early Christian Roman funerary sculpture, such as sarcophagi, surrounding the image of the deceased, as for example on the fourth-century sarcophagus of the two brothers in the Vatican Museum.