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He was, it appeared, a Regius Professor and the author of some half-dozen works on sociology--a record, Owen felt, that almost justified loaf-slinging and earhole clipping in moments of irritation.
But no matter how Spitz circled, Joe whirled around on his heels to face him, mane bristling, ears laid back, lips writhing and snarling, jaws clipping together as fast as he could snap, and eyes diabolically gleaming--the incarnation of belligerent fear.
"I tell you it's 'ot," says he; and I was amazed at the clipping tones and the odd sing-song in which he spoke, and no less at that strange trick of dropping out the letter "h." To be sure, I had heard Ransome; but he had taken his ways from all sorts of people, and spoke so imperfectly at the best, that I set down the most of it to childishness.
His grandfather persisted in retaining as head groom an old dolt whom no sort of lever could move out of his old habits, and who was allowed to hire a succession of raw Loamshire lads as his subordinates, one of whom had lately tested a new pair of shears by clipping an oblong patch on Arthur's bay mare.
Elnathan, then about fifteen, was, much like a wild colt, caught and trimmed by clipping his bushy locks; dressed in a suit of homespun, dyed in the butternut bark; furnished with a “New Testament” and a “Webster’s Spelling Book,” and sent to school.
There was no breath of life in it, and yet it sold, at two cents a word, twenty dollars a thousand - the newspaper clipping had said so.
25,859 m 2 , 6 x annually, Area 1 on the property: North of cincinnatistrae, Execution period: April to october: 1a) demand position, 1 x additional grass clippings, Approx.
In this regard, Ondieki recommended that Otieno's nail clippings be extracted for further analysis to help establish the missing link in the case.
It includes grass cutting on a weekly basis, blowing of excess grass clippings, a spring cleanup in the first week of service and bagging of clippings in October.
Objective: To compare the diagnostic yields of KOH mount and PAS staining of nail clippings for demonstration of hyphae.
QCAN I leave grass clippings on the lawn after I mow it?