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Sport Clips offers a unique owner/investor or semi-absentee model.
Reinsert any undamaged clips back into the tow bar pins.
2 Wedge the widened end of the paper clip into the opening of the pen cap until only the bottom of the clip is visible.
Until the past decade, surgeons had responded to such crises by creating a hole in a patient's skull and sealing off the aneurysm with a metal clip.
According to Cooney's lawsuit, the amphitheater employee said ``Oops'' after dropping the clip used for closing the wine container into the container itself.
Will these well-meaning, sympathetic citizens of the Bible Belt in a town about 50 miles from where the Scopes monkey trial unfolded in the '20s take to heart the lessons a paper clip project teaches us?
To learn more about the Holocaust project, check out Paper Clips, a remarkable documentary that just opened nationwide.
Drop Test: I don't normally drop loaded clips just to see what will happen but I was curious as to how durable these polymer clips would be.
All clips found during the previous 24 hours are delivered through a daily e-mail Each clipped article is connected by hotlink to the originating source.
Guilmartin viewed the video clips through the Dalcroze lens of the importance of large, as opposed to small, body movements for young children.
To select film clips for the study, a team of male and female graduate students from The Kinsey Institute for Research Sex, Gender and Reproduction screened adult films to select film clips that they personally found to be highly sexually arousing.