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Turkey, however, is not as primitive a state as Erdoy-an and his clique may think.
The secret cops' clique had their own tattoo 6 a skeleton head with red eyes brandishing a gun.
Si trois individus A, B, C sont relies entre eux, cela ne signifie pas que le sous-groupe cohesif ABC est une clique car si ces trois individus sont tous en contact avec une quatrieme personne D, ABC n'est pas une clique et ABCD en est une .
Our combat with the Dalai Lama clique is not on the ethical or religious fronts but a serious political struggle," he said.
In Section 2, we introduce our model and present the main results of clique number [omega](G(n, [tau])).
Girls and guys at Club Clique are heavily into their vintage, accessorised with a bit of Vivienne Westwood here and there and the sort of hair and make-up usually reserved for catwalk shows.
Since for a connected graph G, the chromatic number of a graph is equal to or greater than its clique number, i.
Even, as we have seen in the past 30 years, they become ever more centralised; ever more remote, and ever more a clique.
The aim of this game is to be part of the in-crowd and get to go to a party set up by every clique and complete every errand (task) given to you.
Summary: ShooFeeTV, the premier content provider of the Arab World, recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with the business development and strategic planning consultancy firm, Clique Media.
A smaller group that splinters from a peer group and forms a separate smaller cluster for power and/or popularity purposes is more precisely termed a clique.
Elizabeth McLaughlin, 15, stars as Massie Block in The Clique, on DVD November 11.