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In particular, we give several results about the non- commuting graph of the group such as chromatic number, clique number and independent number.
If things start to go against you then little cliques appear.
Dans un deuxieme temps, le fait d'appartenir a une clique de petite taille constituerait un avantage, notamment pour des questions de confiance.
The Dalai Lama clique have made more attempts to split China, a few monks and nuns in the Tibetan-populated regions echoed them at a distance.
We show that there is a major difference in the clique number [omega](G(n, [tau])) between the cases [tau] < 3 and [tau] > 3 with an intermediate result for [tau] = 3.
In the Kevin Keegan era, players split into cliques when they joined up on international duty - but the ex-Chelsea and Newcastle boss insisted there must be no return to the bad old days of the Mancunian-Merseyside rivalry.
Lemma 1 If the clique number of a graph G equal two, [omega](G) = 2.
Rightly or wrongly, there appears a growing frustration that politics, with more and more talk of a "political class", is now all about joining a clique.
Queen Teen: The Clique (DS) I HAVE just started high school, it's nothing like this though
Queen Teen: The Clique Platform: Nintendo DS Price: pounds 14.
Summary: ShooFeeTV, the premier content provider of the Arab World, recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with the business development and strategic planning consultancy firm, Clique Media.
A smaller group that splinters from a peer group and forms a separate smaller cluster for power and/or popularity purposes is more precisely termed a clique.