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Nevertheless, political prejudice was not the chief influence on the conduct of the Right clique of the studio.
Young La Billardiere, the director's son, placed as supernumerary with Baudoyer, made another member of the clique.
If not too refined, at all events too remote, too shadowy, and unsubstantial in his modes of development to suit the taste of the latter class, and yet too popular to satisfy the spiritual or metaphysical requisitions of the former, he must necessarily find himself without an audience, except here and there an individual or possibly an isolated clique.
Heron normalizes the formation of cliques by stating how and why animal species form social hierarchies.
SHANGHAI - China's President Xi Jinping has warned of cliques and conspirators within the ruling Communist Party, saying they threatened the security of the party and nation.
We investigate the computational complexity of the problems of determining the minimum number of monochromatic cliques or multicolored cycles that, respectively, partition V (G).
STEVEN GERRARD believes cliques in the camp have hampered England's chances of success in the big tournaments.
attains low values on a significantly more general class of graphs, including cliques and graphs of bounded vertex cover, and
The idea of finding maximal cliques and joining them according to some criteria is the basis of several overlapping community detection algorithms [17, 21], Other approaches are based on block models [12, 7], edge clustering [9, 1], label propagation [13] or optimization according to some fitness function [25, 20],
I dare bet Chris Ramsey, who talked about QPR's bad eggs last week, had at least that many cliques in his dressing room and that is always going to be highly dangerous and difficult to manage.
maximum clique: a clique, such that there is no others cliques with more vertices;
If things start to go against you then little cliques appear.