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Nevertheless, political prejudice was not the chief influence on the conduct of the Right clique of the studio.
Don't the very greatest ladies of all talk about that small clique of persons to whom they belong?
Why,' returned Gowan, 'I belong to a clan, or a clique, or a family, or a connection, or whatever you like to call it, that might have provided for me in any one of fifty ways, and that took it into its head not to do it at all.
STEVEN GERRARD believes cliques in the camp have hampered England's chances of success in the big tournaments.
I dare bet Chris Ramsey, who talked about QPR's bad eggs last week, had at least that many cliques in his dressing room and that is always going to be highly dangerous and difficult to manage.
If things start to go against you then little cliques appear.
A new CareerBuilder survey found that 43 percent of workers say their office or workplace is populated by cliques.
Mix It Up at Lunch Day uses school cafeterias as a forum to break up social cliques, oppose bullying, and promote tolerance.
The emergence of large cliques in scale-free networks is recently treated by several researchers, see e.
And after his big-time experiences at Manchester City, Wolves and Sunderland he reckons boss Jim Jefferies has done a fantastic job of avoiding any cliques in the peaks.
This phenomenon leads to friends being grouped more and more by cliques, and led academics to analyse the social butterfly effect - how we change friends throughout our lives.