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She said: "The church can be quite cliquey and it's important for me to not be another stuffy, middle-class vicar.
Unless you belong to the slowly evolving, yet still cliquey world of Cardiff's Welsh-speakers, there are still few places to keep your Welsh even vaguely honed.
They are, in the main, a funny lot - cliquey, cocky and, like schoolboys, quick to isolate those who veer from the stereotype.
RELATIONSHIPS in the Big Brother house are being tested as contestants split into cliquey groups.
If you spend the entire evening glued to staff from your own department, you'll come across as cliquey rather than friendly and fun.
Taking the rise out of the cliquey local scene in Glamorous Indie Rock 'N' Roll, The Killers stood out.
The Labour Party in Wales deserves its woolly and undynamic leadership and cliquey Cabinet - but do the people of Wales?
It's all cliquey and I didn't want to stand in the corner as Dwight was always last coming out.
But the squad was becoming very cliquey and there were a lot of politics involved.
Anybody watching us on television who thinks we're being cliquey," sniffed Linda, "doesn't deserve to know what friendship means.