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Your heart will tell you what's great poetry, For those who write it, say it true, So don't be fooled by web-based fraudster, For only dross the cliquish spew.
Staff at Seabury recognized the importance of continually acting to counteract certain cliquish or exclusionary behaviors they believed would not otherwise be eliminated.
Scheiber portrays the Obama team as more cliquish than a middle school, fraught with seating-chart slights and tennis-camp snubs, where policy is frequently determined by meaningless personal byplay.
Although now in their mid-30s, they still act like cliquish teenagers.
Among those Lewis considered most guilty of the self-promotion and cliquish behavior attacked in the "Bless" and "Blast" lists were members of the Bloomsbury Group.
Amateur practices are commonly dismissed by historians and practice-based scholars alike as sub-par, clumsy, superficial, imitative, hopelessly cliquish, wanting in talent, self-interested to the point of delusion and, therefore, without 'value' beyond the circles that practise them.
Answer: There's an assumption that it's cliquish, but I wanted to make my reign be broader-based.
His mother advanced the opinion that he would have more chances to "spread" (his wings) in wide-open California than in the nation's cliquish capital.
To complaints of cliquishness: The Big Bang was cliquish too.
Strong communities can seem cliquish from the outside; this seems to go with the territory, whether we admit it or not.
If we follow Khaldun's philosophy, then logically, the tribal cliquish mindset of the leaders in an Islamic country which has been raised from the ashes of tribalism would tend to persist even in a state framework.
According to one manager, "We bring in professionals from Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and India, and we find that this creates a work environment that is creative and less susceptible to group think; otherwise we find that work environments can become cliquish with only Chinese workers.