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Continue with the present formula to take the cliquishness out of the sport
HAYWOOD says the 'yahs' do tend to stick together, drinking in particular pubs, but the university is so small there isn't room for too much cliquishness.
The brutal cliquishness of high school is barely addressed.
When word got out that Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cumming had corralled a bunch of their close buddies for a movie they had written about--wow a bunch of close buddies having a party, visions of cliquishness, in-jokes, and indulgence danced in our head.
It is a perfect example of how ignorance and cliquishness splinter the gun-owning community, allowing the enemies of our liberty to play us against each other to the inevitable, eventual detriment of all.
Watts and Strogatz propose a clustering coefficient to estimate the cliquishness or the strength of clustering of a graph [8].
But it can lead to a dangerous sort of cliquishness in a company, where the smart people only agree with each other and shut out anyone else.
For example, the book doesn't fully explore the relationship between "sisterly female bonding" and the manipulative, backbitingj cliquishness, that many preteen and teenaged girls experience.
Transparency suggests the communal and the cliquishness that the cell arrangement implies is dispelled by extraordinary walls of billowing glass that veil the central booths.
Like me, he deplores the "group spirit" or cliquishness in congregations and their falling apart into many small sections -- as though central to the church were not koinonia and mutual friendship which exclude nobody
Duncan responds to accusations of cliquishness made in a review of The New American Poetry: