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We are happy to be working with an innovator like HorizonSat, and know that Cloaked CA will help them to meet consumer demand for next-generation entertainment in new markets and quickly deploy new services."
For all three radii ratio, red color is cloaked most accurately, with the highest accuracy for [r.sup.b] = 2[r.sub.a].
The figure of merit [sigma] adopted to estimate the cloaking effect is the [L.sup.1]-norm (Lebesgue norm of order one) of the insertion loss induced by the presence of the cloaking layer, [I.sub.L] = 20 [log.sub.10] ([p.sub.c]/[p.sub.f]), where subscripts c and f indicate the acoustic field with and without the cloaked obstacle, respectively (the general definition of the Lebesgue norm of order p of a function F is [L.sup.p] = [[[[integral].sub.D] [[absolute value of (F)].sup.p] dD].sup.1/p]; for p = 1 it represents the mean value of the absolute value of F, whereas for p = 2 it generalizes the Euclidean distance; the properties of the [L.sup.p]-norm for different values of p are of particular interest in acoustic applications; more details can be found in Diez and Iemma [22]).
On the server side, to support location cloaking, spatial query processing on cloaked regions has also been studied.
In Figure 1, mobile user A issues a 3-anonymity continuous query, which generates three different cloaked regions on three consecutive time points.
"The size of the objects that can be efficiently cloaked with this method scales with the wavelength of operation, so when applied to optical frequencies, we may be able to efficiently stop the scattering of micrometer-sized objects," Alu said.
When electromagnetic waves impinge the structure, [S.sub.11] and [S.sub.21] of these cloaked objects are calculated.
The fields in the cloaked medium can be obtained using the coordinate transformation as
I enjoyed reading Cloaked in Red, with its eight separate spoofs of the age-old fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.
When the cloaked antibodies are activated by light near a tumour, the tumour is killed.
The Purdue University engineers' "cloak" design uses a layered, cylindrical arrangement of nano-needles radiating outward from a spoke, resembling a round hairbrush, to bend light around the object being cloaked. The design is effective only for one wavelength, so the object would only be invisible from far away, and only if it remained perfectly still.
The 1600 square metre glass facade of the main administrative building of VW-Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany, designed by Henn Architekten Ingenieure, is cloaked with motorized retractable sunscreens of woven wire mesh.