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The cloaking 'skin' boasts microscopic light-scattering antennae that make light bouncing off an object look as if it were reflected by a flat mirror, rendering the object invisible.
Bad actors are constantly looking for new ways to circumvent or deceive a platform's ad review process, and though the instances we've uncovered that can be attributed to ad cloaking are limited, it seems to be a growing trend," said Rob Haralson, Executive Director of TrustInAds.
Unlike other cloaking devices in the past, Rochester's invisibility cloak is fashioned out of good old lenses - four of them, to be precise.
The key point of cloaking techniques is to use materials with specific constitutive parameters and refractive index.
Since we're able to now control light, it can lead to cloaking, which is essentially invisibility, among other several major areas of optics," said Hammond.
Dr Zhang said: "This is a huge step forward as, for the first time, the cloaking area is rendered at a size that is big enough for the observer to 'see' the invisible object with the naked eye.
There, he worked with Xiang Zhang and other engineers on the idea of "matter cloaking.
Starting with a symposium presentation of wideband, thin, and shadow-less invisibility cloaks, Nathan Cohen, inventor and physicist, and CEO of Fractal Antenna Systems, proceeded with a video of the world's first cloaking of a man.
However, Alu said that a much more promising avenue is "active" cloaking technology- designs which rely on electrical power to make objects "vanish".
But, for the first time, they've constructed a simple cloaking device that makes itself and something placed inside it invisible to microwaves.
Prof John Pendry, from Imperial College London, said a cloaking material may not take long to develop.