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TICK, contracts. Credit; as, if a servant usually buy for the master upon tick, and the servant buy something without the master's order, yet, if the master were trusted by the trader, he is liable. 1 Show. 95; 3 Keb. 625; 10 Mod. 111; 3 Esp. R. 214; 4 Esp. R. 174.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Set against the backdrop of a family wedding, the film orchestrates the abduction of a teenager, then sows seeds of mistrust clock ticks down on a ransom demand.
Gor was already trailing by a goal to nil as the clock ticked towards the final whistle.
The Serb won in four sets 11 years ago and needed one fewer this time, progressing 6-3 7-5 6-4 as the clock ticked towards 1am.
The partial government shutdown became the longest closure in the history of the United States when the clock ticked past midnight on Friday as President Donald Trump and nervous Republicans scrambled to find a way out of the mess, Aljazeerareports.
However, Chepkemei has promised to avenge the defeat in their next local meeting as the clock ticks towards the global bonanza next year in March.
They were down to 10 men, running low on ideas and the Swedes were defending as if lives depended on it when Toni Kroos addressed a free-kick, wide on the German left as the clock ticked into the last minute of stoppage time.
Kezia Dugdale MONDAY Scottish Labour leader sets her party's agenda as clock ticks down to Holyrood elections.
The clock ticks off one second each time a lie is told." Special attention was given to two clocks.
"Future" awaits answers from Army before Friday ASSAFIR: Asiri dips in "Lebanese wound": Let "Hezbollah" review its policy towards Sunnis AL-MUSTSAQBAL: Asiri visits Rabyeh and calls on "Hezbollah" to reconsider its policy...And Abbas in Beirut today "Future" asks about behavior of Army intelligence Chief branch before and after Abra battle AL-AKHBAR: Future intensifies its campaign on Army DAILY STAR: Aoun, Asiri talks suggest thaw Mursi defiant as clock ticks down on Army ultimatum Homs in grips of ferocious battle A.A.M
I write this letter as the clock ticks past midnight yet I'm still up watching a film.
With quarterback keepers, sweeps and timely pass completions to Mike Hiltz and Nico LaPosta, Oakmont zipped into the red zone as the clock ticked down.
The clock ticked three, doors were opened and the hundreds of waiting visitors flocked in to the tunes of a marching band.