clockwork precision

See: regularity
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With clockwork precision, the Philippine Army band struck "Bayang Magiliw" as the Philippine flag was unfurled and nearing the ground.
Martial music filled the air as soldiers drawn from some of the finest military units marched with clockwork precision.
The party for which IEd really like to have more enthusiasm can pull defeat from the jaws of victory with clockwork precision.
The 'dabbawalas' of Mumbai, famous for the clockwork precision with which they deliver over two lakh tiffin boxes to office goers, suspended their operations today as suburban railway services were in disarray.
With clockwork precision it surged at the time of the nation's first African American president.
Summary: New Delhi, Thursday, 27 July 2017: At a time, when traffic in South Delhi crawls at a snail's pace and most dread to get stuck on their way back home from work, the clockwork precision of Delhi Police helped transport a beating heart between Fortis Vasant Kunj and Fortis Escorts to save a life.
The timelines were very aggressive and required absolute clockwork precision to get the system and training delivery timings right," said Suhail Ahmed, Chief Technology Officer, TSL Systems Middle East.
As far as clockwork precision goes, indeed there was nothing to be faulted.
Because The Philippines is pummeled by typhoons every year with almost clockwork precision, Filipinos have come to anticipate the days when they can stay home.
Nineteen races produced anafternoon of spectacular racing run with clockwork precision.
Having hosted millions of tourists over the years, Kenya is one of the most tourist-friendly places in the world where your holiday packages, travel and other plans are executed with clockwork precision.
The curious sight plays out with clockwork precision every day.