clockwork precision

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The curious sight plays out with clockwork precision every day.
CAPRICORN Dec 22- Jan 19 Things proceed with clockwork precision at workplace.
Their rendition of the Beethoven was brisk and spirited, enunciated with the clockwork precision of musicians who may be new to one another but know the music intimately.
Everything runs with clockwork precision at the monastery but the atmosphere is relaxed, and although Pater Arno rises at 5am and goes to bed at 10pm, guests have a key and can come and go as they please.
Khaleej Times gets a first-hand look at the work being carried out with clockwork precision by Camelicious' 150 workers and 3,700 camels.
The scale of stadium production, the clockwork precision of the broadcast crew, the sensitive dynamics between team management and captains, and the revelation of sporting heroes, are just a few of many themes that will be explored.
A mounted parade on tanks with clockwork precision, flawless co-ordination and a formation of roaring tanks escalating the President's 'Standard' enthralled the audience.
If you fall into its languorous rhythms, you'll be rewarded by a story that builds tension with clockwork precision and expertly maintains a mood of clammy dread.
A total of 12 aircraft participated in the fly-past displaying clockwork precision.
Tunner's determination, skill, and driving leadership beat the odds in spectacular fashion: his Airmen delivered vast amounts of food and fuel to an encircled city in the dead of winter with clockwork precision, forcing Stalin to back down in this decisive early Cold War contest.
Brussels, Jumada II 28, 1434, May 8, 2013, SPA - Police on Wednesday claimed a major breakthrough in their investigation of a spectacular $50 million diamond heist, detaining 31 people in a three-nation sweep some three months after robbers pulled off the theft with clockwork precision at Brussels Airport.