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Allen's side, of having once left her clogs behind her at an inn, and that fortunately proved to be groundless.
The soles of these clogs are not what they seem to be, for each one is a sweet little box; and by twisting the second nail from the toe, the upper of the shoe and part of the sole lifts up like a lid, and in the spaces within are fourscore and ten bright golden pounds in each shoe, all wrapped in hair, to keep them from clinking and so telling tales of themselves.
Then straightway, and without more words, he stripped off his clogs and let them fall upon the road.
The gentleman at first thought he had committed a mistake, and was going to ask pardon and retreat, when, on a sudden, as the moon shone very bright, he cast his eyes on stays, gowns, petticoats, caps, ribbons, stockings, garters, shoes, clogs, &c.
Bute Crawley had always kept up an understanding with the great house), that lady in her clogs and calash, the Reverend Bute Crawley, and James Crawley, her son, had walked over from the Rectory through the park, and had entered the mansion by the open hall-door.
She heard heavy breathing, a clatter of wooden clogs.
Her clogs stood near by, and further off the umbrella lay on the withered sward like a weapon dropped from the grasp of a vanquished warrior.
His son snags a ski pole from the garage, slices and dices the clog with the pole, and a clean flush ensues.
The SCOTT(R) Clog Clinic alerts consumers that not all toilet paper is created equal.
The museum volunteers still demonstrate clog-making, but realised they had a huge surplus of equipment, so this has been passed on to a clog maker in a national history museum in Wales.
Exempli gratis, your in-laws are coming into town and your kitchen sink clogs four hours before your big welcoming dinner.
Now we can clog to our hearts' content," cried Flossy.