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However, when this region is completely filled with solid particles, the emitter becomes totally clogged.
The tests were performed to follow changes in the porosity of the drainage layer and variations in void volume, because the drainage layer becomes frequently clogged.
CLOGGED DRILL BIT Clogged drill bit - When a drill bit is clogged up with particles of wood, simply turn the drill to reverse and hold a wire brush to the drill bit.
Clogged filters in vacuum chambers, vacuum takeoff boxes, and vacuum pumps are the most frequent cause of reduced throughput.
The compound flows to the clogged artery and accumulates there.
Bend the tubing back and forth with the system turned on, working each clogged section until you see water ooze out.
RAWALPINDI -- The poor sanitation system and clogged drainages in Shaheed Chowk located in Rawalpindi is causing inundation of water on the roads.
Drivers, the tank's ENGINE OIL CLOGGED FILTER warning light is very similar to the check engine light in your POV.
Run water in the clogged sink to tell if you've removed the obstruction.
These are easily clogged, however, increasing the risk of downtime.
All the mice had been genetically altered to have a tendency to develop clogged arteries, a precursor to heart disease.