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This smaller size ensures that the solid can be properly balanced for maximum uniformity, dispersion, and adhesion, without clogging the ink jets.
During the cold winter, the cows had discovered clogging as a way to keep their hooves warm.
1999) have showed that clogging of drainage and filter materials occur due to the accumulation of material within the pore space of drainage media resulting in a decrease in porosity and hydraulic conductivity.
Whole-grain fiber may slow artery clogging, according to a study of more than 200 postmenepausal women with heart disease.
Origins Full Story Lush-lash Mascara - pounds 11: A good, long brush gave an even application with no clogging and just one stroke was enough to give noticeable extra length and good colour8/10
This is said to remove the risk of air-channel clogging, and there is also more space available for the air supply so that larger amounts of air can be delivered to provide higher output.
Reverse that, and you're back to clogging like a hairball in your shower drain.
LANCASTER - Clogging - ``hillbilly tap dancing'' to some - has caught on at Mariposa School.
The superior airflow reduces the potential for clogging and eliminates the need for an aspiration port on the handle.
In the 1990s at the Ford Windsor Aluminum Plant, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, (now Nemak Canada, Windsor Aluminum Plant) clogging problems began to develop with the electromagnetic pump used to deliver molten 319 aluminum to the mold in the Cosworth casting process the plant was utilizing.
In 1995, the Hawaiian island of Maui became concerned about environmental and health problems resulting from restaurant grease clogging its landfill.
The studies may offer new hope to patients suffering from leg ischemia, a clogging of the arteries that can lead to pain, inability to walk, and, in some cases, amputation of the leg.