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"My team was asked to spend a night in the ghost-train, supposed to be haunted by a former ride operator nicknamed Cloggy because he used to wear clogs for work.
"The pitch is fine now, but when the rain comes between October and February, it gets very cloggy and he's the sort of player who is important.
Or at least ask Santa to send Kat a less cloggy mascara for Chrimbo?
It's important to use a good mascara which you comb through because they can appear very cloggy in HD.
He and some of his mates would scrape their threepence a week pocket money together and pass it to 'Cloggy' Powell, who would then pass it to his father, who owned the only car in the village because he was the village bookmaker.
Separated lashes well and not cloggy. Excellent value and easy to remove.
I felt this was much more effective and less "cloggy" than perhaps a facial performed with more synthetic products or with hands directly placed on the face.
HHHII Cargo Supereyes Mascara in Black (pounds 11.74) This is a bit dry and cloggy which makes it quite tricky to apply evenly and smoothly.
Far from being very fine, it looked quite dense and cloggy. You are instructed to swirl the small brush in the powder to turn it into a foundation, but the brush was not really up to the job.
I love the shape of the brush as you don't get any cloggy bits!
He should be as fit as a flea and IOm really pleased with him, but I wouldnOt want the ground to get too soft or cloggy.O Alan King, trainer of Howle Hill and Handy Money OWeOre probably making a mistake dropping Howle Hill back to two miles after he ran so well at Chepstow over two and a half, but itOs a decent prize and I thought it was worth a crack.