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My team was asked to spend a night in the ghost-train, supposed to be haunted by a former ride operator nicknamed Cloggy because he used to wear clogs for work.
It's important to use a good mascara which you comb through because they can appear very cloggy in HD.
74) This is a bit dry and cloggy which makes it quite tricky to apply evenly and smoothly.
Far from being very fine, it looked quite dense and cloggy.
I love the shape of the brush as you don't get any cloggy bits
He should be as fit as a flea and IOm really pleased with him, but I wouldnOt want the ground to get too soft or cloggy.
The entrance to the first turn proved particularly treacherous, and despite a long delay to try and remedy the problem, mistakes dominated as riders from both sides stumbled through the cloggy conditions.
To safeguard Louise's lashes from ugly cloggy mascara, the lashes were allowed to dry in-between coats, then combed through with an eyelash comb.
Tester says: 'Nice and light, no sticky or cloggy feel on the delicate under-eye area.
99) New this month in a choice of five shades, this powder is a little cloggy plus the top would not stay on - but it is cheap.
I'm not sure what was - and still is to some extent - wrong with me, but it had/has something to do with a Bible-black infection, hellish ear stuff, odd face things and cloggy blood.