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Designed for people who stand on hard surfaces for long periods, clogs are shaped so that the enclosed foot experiences a slight gradation down to the toe.
And that's good because LDL that isn't engulfed by macrophages cannot clog your arteries.
There's nothing to stop you teaming your clogs with a pair of tights, in fact it's wholly recommended, especially with the closed-toe pairs.
But if the clog is in the trap or farther down the drain, you'll need a 1/4-in.
WhenMrOwen trained 31 years ago, there were still 130 left, mostly supplying industrial clogs to mills, collieries, farms and slate mines.
Clogs, the more traditional of the coupling, opened the gig with a tune featuring an ethereal combination of guitar, violin, steel drum and bassoon.
But some animal studies suggest that, despite its welcome effect on blood cholesterol, peanut oil clogs the arteries with cholesterol deposits, or plaques.
VOGUE cover girl Alexa Chung has nailed yet another kooky style convincing us that clogs are cool.
It's simple to use and clears most clogs in less than 10 minutes.
CULT American bands Clogs and The Books are touring the UK together for the first time, with a show at Warwick Arts Centre this Sunday.
Flying in sandy desert; conditions clogs the Kiowa's barrier filters faster than you can say "Hooah.