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Dad's disparagement of the cloister seemed a denial of what we profess in church.
The Pontaut Chapter House, meanwhile, was built near the Cuxa cloister as a meeting place for monks and nuns, where they sat on stone benches to read religious books or discuss other concerns.
The Cloister doesn't bill itself as a wheelchair user's destination.
Mollimar alley - between Mollimar and Regal Road from Stratford Drive to Cloister Way
Cloister Avenue will be closed between the junctions with Fenwick Avenue and Capulet Grove from February 10 until March 10, and Capulet Grove will be closed to traffic at the junction with Cloister Avenue between March 3 and March 21.
The cloister itself at St Martin's was revamped recently and is now a glassfronted entrance area.
Sister Clare, who is a longtime friend of Isabel, is a novice living a secluded life in a cloister in the New Hampshire countryside.
On a wooded hill overlooking the Hudson River, though, the Cloisters Museum is not only a surprise, but a real breath of fresh air in one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world.
Precisely aligned on an east-west axis, the two-storey cloister with its sunken garden is the exclusive domain of the monks.
Rose walker, for example, examines the remains of the cloister of Las Claustrillas in Las Huelgas in Burgos.
The allegory of the cloister of the soul forms the third and most influential book of this work, while the fourth book describes the heavenly cloister.
At this period of history, the cloister was the rule for religious women who took solemn vows of poverty, chastity, obedience, and enclosure.