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Dedicated to God: An Oral History of Cloistered Nuns examines the lives of a group of cloistered women religious, the Poor Clare Colettines, in Rockford, Illinois.
Thus, Evangelisti concludes her history by pointing to a time when cloistered nuns would no longer form the majority of religious women, but rather sisters.
She provides a finely documented account of their evolving vision of this congregation, beginning with a small group of lay women carrying out charitable works in Annecy, and ending with the consolidation of the Visitandines as a cloistered order with convents in Paris, Lyon, and elsewhere.
An 18th-century academic and alchemist whose wife dies in labor decides to devote his life to an experiment: he will keep his daughter cloistered in his Buckinghamshire manor and raise her to be his scientific equal.
It was mid-November when I saw it, and while certain suburbs were ablaze as a result of a long-pent-up social rage, while rioting blew like wind on the outskirts of the capital and spread to other suburbs around the country, Grasso's video Untitled, 2003-2005, sent an enormous cloud rolling through the cloistered streets of Paris like a dust storm.
George and Julian Marchmont made a wager that they could meet and seduce Cassandra Woodford and Rosalind Powell, two beautiful and mysterious young ladies cloistered away behind the walls of a Gothic abbey.
A forest glade, a cathedral, a mountain top, a cloistered abbey, a secret garden.
A forest glade,a cathedral, a mountain top, a cloistered abbey, a secret garden.
Even in cloistered convents, women and men "found their way to the parlor grille and sought advice from nuns with a reputation for spiritual discernment" (158).
From a four-year exploration, she distilled her selection to 13 orders representing large monasteries and small groupings; fully cloistered, semi-cloistered and active sisters; from those whose main task was prayer for the world to midwives on the border helping poor women birth their babies; from teachers on a Native American reservation, to a non-canonical community struggling with diversity.
It is 1969, and a cloistered block in west Philadelphia is shaken to its core by long kept secrets, betrayal and lies that wreak terrible damage on two families.
Your cloistered sister patterned a blanket for you,