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Every morning when Cinderella went clomp, clomp, clomp, she woke up poor retired Baron Hardup and Dame Trot.
That means the players have to clomp up and down stairways to get to the rink, but they managed fine yesterday.
McGrath was in "Spamalot" for two-and-a-half years, and besides perfecting the coconut clomp he danced a lot as well.
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The painting by fictional artist Van Clomp was fought over by the French wartime resistance and the German occupiers.
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is blocking traditional trail access for dozens of riders, forcing them to clomp along streets to get to horse trails.
Or perhaps it's because, with footwear the size of small dodgem cars, they clomp around like the Spice Girls on a no-make-up day.
If we clomp around in coats, anoraks, woolly jumpers and boots, it's usually because most of us have a bit further to travel in our lowlife, mundane existence than from the front door of Ibrox to the players' car park.
After a long goodbye, during which a few tears are shed with Mrs Wangmo, we clomp through the sodden, dripping pine forests towards our last night under canvas.