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This association could be caused by clonal expansion or multiple HGT events and emphasizes that lineages known to encode KPC are now also acquiring NDM-1.
Sulforaphane inhibits mitotic clonal expansion during adipogenesis through cell cycle arrest.
counts in such persons can be on account of reactive or clonal expansion of T-lymphocytes and can confound HIV diagnosis and delay initiation of chemoprophylaxis and HAART.
Hypermutation combined with clonal expansion is an adaptive process known as affinity maturation (Berek & Ziegner, 1993).
T-cell receptor gene rearrangement studies may suggest the presence of clonal expansion In some cases, however, these clonal expansions do not constitute a lymphoma [2,3].
They review research into the clonal expansion of a single, normal or mutated stem cell in order to bring new insights into both the biology of the gastrointestinal tract and tumorigenesis in the intestine.
In terms of lung cancer susceptibility, however, our observation that stem cell activation leads to clonal expansion after injury could, in the context of additional mutations, promote the development of cancerous or precancerous lesions from activated stem cells," Giangreco added.
3) B-cell CLL is characterized by clonal expansion of abnormal B lymphocytes.
Seborrheic keratosis is considered to represent a clonal expansion, so the lesion qualifies as a neoplasm.
One hypothesis is that HCV Ab complexes may lead to clonal expansion of Blymphocytes within the liver, which have been shown to produce rheumatoid factor (RF) and recognize HCV epitopes.
Abstract #1285, "PNH clonal expansion following bone marrow transplant: Case report," Benavides.