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Table 1: Effect of nifedipine on duration of various phases of MES induced seizures Dose of drug TF THL Control 3.3[+ or -]0.82 13.9[+ or -]1.19 N (100 [micro]g/100g) 3.1[+ or -]1.01 13.7[+ or -]1.03 N (200 [micro]g/100g) 3.2[+ or -]0.99 4.7[+ or -]0.76 (*) Dose of drug CC PTD Control 9.0[+ or -]0.81 6.0[+ or -]0.94 N (100 [micro]g/100g) 8.9[+ or -]1.02 5.6[+ or -]1.05 N (200 [micro]g/100g) 8.8[+ or -]1.02 5.8[+ or -]1.03 N: Nifedipine, TF: Tonic flexion, THLE: Tonic flexion leg extension, CC: Clonic convulsion, PTD: Post tetanic depression.
Case report: A 7-year old boy born of non-consanguineous marriage hailing from Banaras, presented with remittent fever for 10 days, erythematous hemorrhagic rash which started over face and then spread over the body for past seven days, altered sensorium for two days and two episodes of generalized tonic clonic convulsion prior to admission.
(14): stage 0, no behavioral change; stage 1, hypoactivity and immobility; stage 2, two or more isolated, myoclonic jerks; stage 3, generalized clonic convulsions with preservation of righting reflex; and stage 4, generalized clonic or tonic-clonic convulsions with loss of righting reflex.
At the time of admission she developed generalized tonic clonic convulsions which lasted for 2 min followed by post-ictal drowsiness.