close application

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Then, too, the people were countenanced, if not encouraged, in relaxing the severe and close application to their various modes of rugged industry, which at all other times, seemed of the same piece and material with their religion.
It is the case of a shock from which he has recovered, so completely, as to be a highly intelligent man, capable of close application of mind, and great exertion of body, and of constantly making fresh additions to his stock of knowledge, which was already very large.
All his property was to be mine when I had attained my majority--provided that I had devoted the two years intervening in close application to the great business I was to inherit.
Deane, whose close application to business allowed the pleasure very rarely.
He was nervous and irritable, what of his hard times, disappointments, and close application to work, and the conversation of such people was maddening.
It is led by artist and founder of Black Theama band, Amir Salah, and is expected to close application doors for artistic projects on September 20.
Advanced technology integration can also close application gaps, with performance reporting, digital advice and account aggregation being the most common.
The Recognised Membership streamlining includes close application support and accelerated decision-making by Nasdaq Dubai.
A close application of the ACOG guidelines could mean biopsies in all but 12% of perimenopausal women, she said.
1 has added new levels of automation to the core application and integrated with the company's Unity Financial Close application through Unity's performance management dashboards.
Gillette claims that the product's formula is superior to many on the market in that it's totally clear, not sticky or oily, offers close application and leaves no film or residue.