close application

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All his property was to be mine when I had attained my majority--provided that I had devoted the two years intervening in close application to the great business I was to inherit.
Deane, whose close application to business allowed the pleasure very rarely.
He was nervous and irritable, what of his hard times, disappointments, and close application to work, and the conversation of such people was maddening.
A close application of the ACOG guidelines could mean biopsies in all but 12% of perimenopausal women, she said.
1, the Financial Close application serves as the integration point through which account reconciliation statistics from AssureNET GL are displayed via the Close Task Status Console.
Movaris today announced Movaris OneClose, the industry's first-ever single close application to directly link financial controls and close tasks to financial statements during the "last mile of finance," the series of activities performed during the financial reporting process.
Tucker will draw on her experience from the Silver Lake deal, as well as from her overall experience in building BlackLine from the ground up into the leading provider of enterprise-class Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based financial close applications.
A shortage of pilots and a dispute between outgoing pilots and state-owned airlines prompted the regulator to close applications for new airlines for six years.
Parnell Reilly "We are always welcoming applications, although we have about 85 junior members and we have had to close applications for that.
Ten number keys can be programmed with up to 100 macro commands for repetitive text, to open or close applications or browser or e-mail, to zoom in or out, control audio, scroll, or whatever you need.
EMA was to close applications for Lonngren's replacement on November 24.