close around

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said Tuesday it will close around 60 of its 800 direct and franchise outlets selling its cakes, confectionery and other products.
Outdoor clothing specialist Blacks Leisure is to close around 45 UK stores ( cutting up to 100 jobs in the process.
Details will be in the NGRC Calendar towards the end of January, with entries likely to close around Friday, March 2.
Police believe offenders also tried to break into a house in Packwood Close around the same time but failed.
Benchmark crude oil futures fell to close around $72 a barrel on Wednesday in New York on larger-than-expected inventories of both crude oil and gasoline announced by the U.
A polyester carpet cover is hung inside the cavity on pins and clamps close around it.
Unanimously approved by the boards of directors of both companies, the deal is expected to close around the end of 2004.
Gather up corners of wrap and twist close around rice ball, squeezing a few seconds.
To use it, you must have a Wi-Fi card installed in your PC or personal digital assistant (PDA) and be fairly close around 15 metres to an access point or 'hotspot'.