close at hand

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These hydraulic and pneumatic Work Positioners keep workpieces close at hand, eliminating unnecessary reaching and other operator movements and thus enhancing ergonomics.
It has three drawers and two shelves to provide plenty of room for magazines, remote controls and all you have to have close at hand in your living room.
Rock House Wood spreads away on our left behind farm buildings and the aptly named Rock House, with its stone cutting area, is close at hand on our right hand side.
His son was proclaimed the supreme leader a week ago and will be banking on the feared army remaining close at hand.
Situated with lovely coastal walks and beaches close at hand, this home is in the perfect location for when the sun comes out.
GO OUT and meet nature, tune in your senses, To the sights and sounds around you Those things unnoticed, close at hand, And beyond you, in the distance, Soak up the eclectic shades of green, The creeping browns overpowering the deepness Of it all, The abundant flowers and shrubs succumbing To the season, Amid it all, stand and listen
Whether you're hunting from a tree-stand, a ground blind, or practicing in the backyard, the Bow Jaws[TM] Bow Holder System keeps your bow close at hand.
When a horse is sick or injured it's essential to have quick information close at hand, which is why Horse Health Care & First Aid stands above other 'horse care guides'.
Practitioners seeing feline patients will want it close at hand for quick analysis of feline behavior, dermatology problems, dentistry and even surgery.
The same client identification information as for the POA is needed, and so should be kept close at hand.
With a 35mm camera close at hand, Galen Rowell scaled the world's highest mountains, becoming the most famous outdoor adventure photographer of his generation.