close at hand

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Close at hand (on the left) a seat built into the stone wall celebrates the life of Chris Roper (1936-2010) who was captain of Hartoft Shoot for 40 years.
But the general feeling among staff is that a good social life--such as that promoted by having their own pub close at hand and the increase in visits from family and friends--extends longevity.
Ideal for baby showers, a great antidote to baby blues, and sure to liven up parties and gatherings, 100+ Baby Shower Games offers suggestions for both before and after a baby's birth, to cheer up moms who may be close at hand or out-of-town.
And if he gets nervous, 56-year-old Ozzy will have wife Sharon close at hand, as she fronts the show
Keep all of these documents close at hand in a safe, watertight container you can lock.
Several respondents from the academic and government research sectors felt that the ability to obtain hazard-identification information from gene expression assays, at least for some types of hazards, was close at hand.
I encourage you to read these pages with hymnals close at hand.
Metals shredders are best supplied with a steady feed, which puts constant pressure on yard managers to keep material close at hand.
THE solution to helping your little ones get to sleep at the night could be close at hand with the launch of the new microwave able Beddy-Bear.
The only other time you see so many tissue boxes close at hand is in photographs of bordellos.
Too bad every installation in the real world doesn't include installation services from the top technical talent of every vendor working together around the clock with their own company's engineering experts close at hand.
Cocoa in a Nutshell" by Michael Beam and James Duncan Davidson (O'Reilly) is the book developers will want close at hand as they work with this technology.