close attention

References in classic literature ?
I had never seen a petticoat so near before,--at all events I had never given one such close attention. What delicious dainty things they are!
The doctor observed her with close attention. "Let me see my prescription again," he said.
He watched with close attention the dark screen of foliage that spread beneath him, hiding the ground from his view.
"My days were spent in close attention, that I might more speedily master the language; and I may boast that I improved more rapidly than the Arabian, who understood very little and conversed in broken accents, whilst I comprehended and could imitate almost every word that was spoken.
The only thing that could be urged against him by the most censorious was a too close attention to business.
Never, until now, had she bestowed such close attention upon riches in which women take so much pride; never, until now, had she looked at her jewels except for the purpose of making a selection, according to their settings or their colors.
"Certainly," said I, after close attention; "I see something like a long black body on the top of the water."
They ordered two bottles of port, to which the Frenchman did ample justice, whilst Fix observed him with close attention. They chatted about the journey, and Passepartout was especially merry at the idea that Fix was going to continue it with them.
That their conversation was an interesting one, was rendered manifest by its length, and by the close attention of all three.
Bulstrode's close attention was not agreeable to the publicans and sinners in Middlemarch; it was attributed by some to his being a Pharisee, and by others to his being Evangelical.
How lovely she was with the effort of close attention depicted in the turn of her head and in her whole face honestly trying to approve.
He gladly received the letter, and, having read it through, with close attention, returned it saying, "Well, if it is to be so, I can only say that I am sorry for it.